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Scorpio is life in its entirety, fully embracing life for all that it is, the good, the bad and the ugly. Scorpio is not so much about living a good life as it is about living a “whole” life, a life that is rich in experience and perception.


In Scorpio we merge with the resources of others… their bodies, their minds, their resources and their money. We share ourselves on the deepest of levels, penetrating others deeply, witnessing and tasting the extremes of darkness and light.


At their highest, Scorpio’s lift themselves and others from great depths to great heights. Scorpio is able to penetrate the facades that hide and camouflage what most prefer not to see. With the ability to see what others ignore, Scorpio gains both power and also distrust.


Trust is the key! With trust comes freedom, we let go of the need to control what is an uncontrollable world with uncontrollable people, we surrender to what is and allow joy to reign supreme. From distrust sometimes comes a need to control and manipulate, a need borne of fear, a need that is strong in the less evolved Scorpion.


The highly evolved Scorpio has learned to focus his/her tremendous will power in a way that any goal can be reached and any dream realized, they possess willpower that can move mountains or dig holes, the choice is theirs and again, trust is the key. If Scorpio can trust God’s will, allow love to be even when betrayal is feared, then Scorpio has risen to mastery of his/her power.


Power is an issue that must be understood by Scorpio because power is a birthright and a strong desire. Power comes in many forms and manifests on many different levels. The lowest form of power comes from pure fear, it is the snake or the mobster who instills fear in others to get their way, but also lives in the same world of fear that they create. Then there is physical power, certainly admirable, some Scorpio men may take up bodybuilding to create this image of power, some Scorpio women are attracted to this type of man. And this power is not only a physical image, the power we have as human beings to shape our own bodies and improve our physical health is a great power that should be respected by others. Money is a great power too, seemingly superficial to some, but money can bring great influence and Scorpio is well aware of this. On the highest of levels though, we encounter power in its grandest form, the surrender and merger of the body, mind and spirit, the merger of all that is good and all that is bad, when love creates thoughts of goodness and anything is possible.


A relationship with a Scorpio can be like being in a cult, they can mesmerize you, hypnotize you, even manipulate you if they choose to do so. At the worst extremes I have seen Scorpios who want such total control over their partner that they cut their partner off from all other relationships including their own family members.


In Scorpio the power of will is exemplified, anything can be, transformation is possible. In Scorpio there is a deep connection to the underworld and darkness, Demons are faced. As we face our Demons and our greatest fears, we become energized and powerful, we possess and learn to harness an energy that can make anything happen, this is will power, this is the power that Scorpio is!


The following is a brief description of how Scorpio relates to each sun sign:


Scorpio + Aries: Both are ruled by Mars, thus sex is highlighted and it can be very intense. With Mars as the ruler, the fights can be equally intense as Aries is explosive, Scorpio moody. There will be power struggles and there could be long periods of silence, but this can also be a very rewarding match as well as a successful business union.


Scorpio + Taurus: Sexuality meets sensuality, a very strong attraction with lots of karma too. But this one is not easy, Scorpio wants to be in control, but no one controls a Taurus. If they fight, and they will, neither will give an inch, resolution could be next to impossible.


Scorpio + Gemini: So often I see these two fall in love and it always seems to work well even though it's not typically a match that the books would recommend, or condemn either. I think the success lies in in this: Gemini normally gets bored easily, but in Scorpio there is such depth, such a mystery, it fascinates curious Gemini. AFor Scorpio there can be difficulty expressing their deep thoughts and feelings, Gemini is great at expressing themselves in words and is able to help Scorpio do the same, or do it for them. Gemini is also very flexible and open-minded, willing to allow Scorpio to have their moments.


Scorpio + Cancer: Both are water signs which creates a strong emotional bond and deep understanding of each other. Both value privacy and are protective, both share similar perspectives on life, this is a lasting love.


Scorpio + Leo: They say this is the toughest match in zodiac, but both are strong signs and can overcome any challenge if the love is there. The challenge is Leo’s nature to share everything and call attention to themselves versus Scorpio’s nature to hold onto everything can remain private. Leo will find Scorpio too controlling, Scorpio will find Leo’s need for attention to be annoying.


Scorpio + Virgo: These two really like each other, can be very cooperative and accomplish much in a partnership. The only problem is that together they may just both be too serious with no one to lighten things up.


Scorpio + Libra: Libra likes Scorpio’s sense of purpose and focus, Scorpio feels at ease with Libra’s lightness of being, but Scorpio finds it hard to trust Libra’s flirtatious nature. Also, Libra wants peace and h armony at any price, Scorpio likes to dig into issues and has a hard time letting go of issues.

Scorpio + Scorpio: This one is not easy, just too intense! But if other planets are in harmony in the birth charts, a relationship is possible and could be pretty amazing, a couple who could accomplish anything!

Scorpio + Sagittarius: Scorpio feels good around easy going Sagittarius, could be just what the doctor ordered to relieve that deep Scorpio intensity. Sagittarius can teach Scorpio to laugh while Scorpio can help Sag to focus and make all those big dreams a reality. But the challenge is that Sag needs freedom and Scorpio demands radical commitment.

Scorpio + Capricorn: These two can be great friends and also great business partners. In love Capricorn has deep desires that Scorpio can help to unleash. This one needs time though, both need to wait until trust has been thoroughly established. The only challenge here is that both are introverts, there is no one to reach out.

Scorpio + Aquarius: There’s an attraction here, a connection, but Aquarius wants to be connected to everyone. Scorpio will get jealous if you are in love with someone else and Aquarius is in love with everyone in the world, Scorpio will try to stop this and no one is going to stop Aquarius from having their freedom. Aquarius can also have very erratic behavior which makes Scorpio very uneasy.

Scorpio + Pisces: A match made in heaven, or at least one that was born from the dreams of Pisces and the desire of Scorpio. This is a great match on all levels, friends, lovers, business… both very deep, creative and intuitive, they can both help each other to realize their goals.

Famous Scorpios: Pablo Picasso, Robert F. Kennedy, Demi Moore, Bill Gates, Prince Charles, Voltaire, Julia Roberts, Sally Field, Leonardo DiCaprio, Hillary Clinton, Vice President Joe Biden, Brittany Murphy, Ethan Hawke, Nick Lachey, Matthew McConaughey, Pat Buchanan, Joni Mitchell, Richard Dreyfuss, David Schwimmer, Calista Flockhart, Larry King, Goldie Hawn, Bo Derek, Bjork, Martin Scorsese, Danny DeVito, Calvin Klein, Whoopi Goldberg, Sean Combs, Jodie Foster, Ted Turner, Grace Kelly, Charles Bronson, Richard Burton, Sam Shepard, Kurt Vonnegut, Dylan Thomas, Katherine Hepburn, Georgia O’Keefe, Burt Lancaster, General George Patton, Stephen Crane


Where a Scorpio might be found: Online trading stocks and bonds, reading a mystery novel or self-help book, in the store trying on sunglasses, in a bed that is bouncing up and down, hidden away at a secret location plotting to take over the world…. But really, if they don’t want to be found, you aren’t going to find them.


Places ruled by Scorpio: Russia, Austria, Turkey, Poland, North Carolina, Nevada, North Dakota, Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), Newark (New Jersey), St. Louis (Missouri)


Fitting Scorpio Cartoon character: Pink Panther, Dick Tracy

Suitable Scorpio Car: Something dark with tinted windows.


Suitable Scorpio Song Title: The Power of Good-bye -Madonna


Suitable Scorpio Careers: Scorpios can look deeply into things, and people. They are great at solving mysteries and do well as investigators and psychiatrists. Scorpios also do well in the healing fields and financial industry.


Best Quality: Scorpio is extremely loyal, also blessed with great will power.

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